Aloha! We are AlohaTherapy@waikikiBeachwalk

The licensed massage therapists at Aloha Therapy  offer LomiLomi, lymph, Swedish deep tissue, and shiatsu massages.


Original combination massage "Alohamethod" is very popular.

There are also many other

massage menus.


Hawaii's first introduction,

Organic Herbal Facial,is our salon's menu. We've never had such an effective facial before. Please experience it now!

Eyelash extensions

Careful treatment by Japanese eyeists is very popular. We are now running our

first limited price campaign.


Hawaiian LomiLomi

Combinations Alohamethod

Dry massage Shiatsu


60min $110

90min $150

120min $195



Now,  Up to 25%off -campaign in progress


※Trial menu and Eyelash menu are not inculuded.







Slimming lymphatic facial

AlohaTherapy is an original

all-hand massage facial.

We recommend it to those who want to be

slimming face.


60min $100

Organic Herbal Facial

 Organic Herbal Facial has

dramtic effect.

We use our secure cosmetics to improve

your skin problems.



Trial 50min $60

Eyelash extension & Lash lift

Single lash


Mink full set 60min Trial $70


within 60min 100-120lashes.


Mink full set 90min

Trial $90


within 90min 140-160lashes.


Lash 60 $55

Lash100 $70

Lash140 $90


Lash off $10

Lash lift



Lash lift Trial $50 (45min)